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Grape varieties: minimum of 15 varieties.
Harlequin is a red wine with innovative, yet intimately linked to the tradition. Want to express the land, the grapes, the people who belong to a territory by the great culture of wine: the Veneto, in the North-East of Italy. Want to talk about Verona, in particular, of the ancient history of the city of Juliet, the beauty of its mountains by the endless views – Baldo and the Lessini mountains -, of the green hills of Valpolicella, full of vines and olive trees, the fertile plain crossed by the great river - the South, a lake, a blue that it almost looks like the sea – the Garda.
Harlequin, Harlequin: is the character a symbol of the Italian commedia dell'arte. The actor who interpretavaconosceva to perfection on the canvas, the guidelines traced by the author.
Then he put his own creativity, his humor, his genius. So,
in the recitation of subject, was born, each evening a new comedy. Every time
new tears joined the laughter, and fat. Harlequin was the màscara most
beloved, the populate cunning, but always hungry. His costume bore the
sign of the rare and happy banquet facilities, mottled as it was with the sauce of the gnocchi,
the màcaroni. Harlequin, Harlequin: it is a dream become a reality in 1999.
After years of dialogue with the vineyard, after long reflections in the cellar,
with the desire to experiment, to understand, to know. Wanting to communicate
to others, through the wine of their thought.Hence the idea: draw
a line clear guide, clear, precise, innestandovi time and time again, the interpretation of the earth and of man, of the seasons and of the grapes. Checking
in person if it is possible to produce bottles which show that the maximum of the
own idea of quality, while in the changeableness of the climate and the vintage.Now
sad, now cheerful, now strong, now sweet, now friendly, now severe. Multifaceted
and multi-faceted as is the costume of Harlequin, made up of a hundred fabrics and a hundred colours, and yet always recognizable. This should be the case for Harlequin: a wine that comes from so many mothers from so many grapes, unique and unrepeatable from year to year, yet always recognizable in its kaleidoscopic variation. Because he knows how to interpret the vineyards, the land and the culture of their territory. Because he knows how to speak of life.

Technical data: the Harlequin is produced by several varieties of grapes coming from an area
that is broad and diverse. To determine the choice is only one concept: quality.
Hand picked, bunch by bunch, are placed in the trays by a minimum of five days to a maximum of forty, in a natural environment, without the aid of machines for the forced ventilation or dehumidification.
Crushed all together without the stalks, are fermented in lined cement vats,
with yeast indigenous, without resorting to any bioteconologia, for fifteen
-twenty days. Punching down, delestage and mainly sight-hearing-smell of the man
are the key to a good fermentation. The eye, the ear, the nose will tell as much of the wine, if you know how to listen.
It then proceeds to the racking and decanting for about ten days. Then
you enter in new barriques from 225 liters. There, it rests for at least thirty months,
without any racking. It is bottled without fining. Then remains
in the cellar for at least six months. Then here it is open up to the world, to the new life. Now here it is, in your hands, in your glass. Intriguing is perhaps the word that I think can briefly define this wine.

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