Grattamacco Bolgheri DOC

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Wine produced by 10 hectares vines put to 100 metres on the level of the sea. The present grounds are sandy calcalifere, mixed clays to flysch calcareous marly and calcareous clays, while the climate is of temperate Mediterranean type. The varied density of installation with 4500 to 6000 stumps for hectare with one returned of about 60 quintals. The pruning is made to rammed cordon and guyot simply, the harvesting of the grapes is exclusively manual. The middle age of the installation is 20 years. The vinification starts with the alcoholic fermentation in tinelli wood I cut off conical opened while the fermentation malolattica happens in barrique. The ageing goes on for 18 months in barrique of first one and of second passage. Least refinement of 12 months in bottle.

Well-known tasting:
The olfactory impact is intense and of extreme fineness: it expands with black wood fruits and cassis, you accompany clean balsamic inklings and of Mediterranean spot. In progression then typical mineral signs develop. The wood is perfectly supplemented and it offers sweet spiced signs and an elegant boisé in the final. The gustatory impact is austere and of remarkable freshness and purpose develops in a balanced fusion between the wide mineralità and the weft tannica and wrapped. All of it ends up in the long final persistence, where wide mineral signs emerge.

Substantial, complex, with a character deeply tied to his zone of origin.

Gastronomic couplings with game and game, he gets married perfectly to the local preparations based on wild boar, to braised damp of red meat, the perfect with cheeses to hard dough of middle seasoning.

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