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Ben Ry e 2017 presents from the very intense bouquet in which the notes related to the grape pass stand out: apricot and candied orange rinds. The palate offers its proverbial and extraordinary freshness that balances the sweetness.
NAME: Panther Pass Doc.
WEBSITE: Zibibbo (Moscato d'Alessandria)
PRODUCTION AREA: island of Pantelleria (south-west Sicily); Counties: Khamma, Tracino, Mueggen, Serraglia, Gibbiuna, Barone, Martingana, Bukkuram, Favarotta, Punta Karace, Bugeber, Karuscia. TERRITORIES AND CLIMATE: altitude from 20 to 400 m s.l.m.; Orography: complex, typically volcanic, with land mainly cultivated on terraces. Soils: sand of lava origin with a sub-acid or neutral reaction; deep and fertile, well equipped with minerals. Pantelleria is the island of the sun and wind with mild and mild rainy winters, dry and ventilated summers.

VIGNET: the vines are grown, inside shells, with a low panther tree. The Pantelleria tree life has been included in the UNESCO Heritage List as a "creative and sustainable" practice. Plant density 2.500 plants/has a yield of approximately 40-50 The average age of vineyards is around 60's. Some foot-free plants, surviving the philosopher, exceed the 100-year-old.

ANNEX 2017: with 379 mm* of rain, the year was slightly less rainy than the average of 434 mm**. This has led, in some vineyards, to the need to reorganize the clusters, so as to balance the productive load with the water availability of the soil, in order to promote an optimal ripening of the grapes. In Pantelleria, there has been a decline in the quantity of approximately 20% compared to the business average of recent years. *In Pantelleria the pluviometric data of each

and are detected by SIAS, Sicilian Agrometeological Service;

SALESManual harvest in cassettes with careful selection of grapes in the vineyard. The Zibibbo grape harvest in Donnafugata traditionally lasts for about four weeks, in the districts where the farm has its own vineyards that differ in height, exposure, proximity or distance from the sea; this year, however, for the advance of ripening, the harvest is less long, starting on 17/8 and ending 4/9.

VINIFICATION: at the reception in the cellar, further selection of grapes on the vibrating table before soft pressing. Iron fermentation at a controlled temperature; in addition to the fermentation must, on several occasions, the grape passes unplugged by hand and selected. During the maceration the grape passes releases its extraordinary heritage of sweetness, freshness and very personal aromaticity. The winemaking process (fermentation and maceration) lasts over one month. Thinning: in a tank for eight months and at least twelve months in a bottle before being marketed.

ANALYTICAL DATA: alcohol 14,12%vol., total acidity 7,3 g/l., pH: 3,83, residual sugars: 196 g/l.
TEST NOTE (24/6/2019): Ben Rye 2017 has a golden color with bright amber reflections. From the very intense bouquet in which the notes linked to the grape stand out passes: apricot and candied orange rinds; it also has delicate scents of Mediterranean stain. The palate offers its proverbial and extraordinary freshness that balances the sweetness. To the typical taste of the Passionate Zibibbo, there are countless other fruity sensations, of aromatic herbs and honey. Its complexity is enriched by mineral notes and by a very long persistence.

LONG-TERMover 20years.

CIBO & WINE: Perfect with dry pastry, chocolate and tarts with jam or cottage cheese. Try also with herbal cheeses and foie gras. Extraordinary alone, like meditation wine. Serve it in medium-sized glasses, with slight flaring, can be uncorked at the moment. Very good at 14 degrees C.
DIALOGUE WITH ART: from the Arabic "Son of the Wind" because the wind blowing between the grapes is a constant in Pantelleria. And the wind of the island brings with it a load of perfumes so intense that you can touch them. The copyright label celebrates the love, care and effort of heroic viticulture on a unique and fascinating island. A sweet and enveloping portrait that reveals its essence.


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