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Amarone della Valpolicella DOC "Vineyard of Monte Lodoletta"

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Amarone differs from Valpolicella for two simple reasons.

The first concerns the duration of the drying period, which in this case lasts for three long months, instead of one and a half.

The second alludes to the age of the vineyard. In fact, our company philosophy states that only grapes harvested from vineyards over ten years old should be used to produce Amarone. The younger vines are therefore used only for the production of Valpolicella.

Except for these two differences and some other small variations on the percentage of the varieties used, it can be said that these two wines are almost identical, in the sense that the process underlying their production and maturation is exactly the same.

That said, Amarone differs from its younger brother in terms of power and elegance.

Undoubtedly the complexity of this wine is higher than Valpolicella and places it in that category of wines that we usually call "meditation".

Complex aromatic notes, ranging from black cherries, blueberries, chocolate, foreshadow that sumptuous expression of ripe fruit that flows into the mouth with intrusive persistence. The finish closes with sinuous nuances of truffle, tobacco and new leather.

It is a wine with potentials still unknown, but whose depth bodes well for a long, very long evolution ahead of itself.


Alluvial origin, 70% composed of gravel, 15% silt and 15% clay.

From 20 September to 25 October, after selecting the best bunches, on which we perform a meticulous manual sorting in order to remove all the less valuable grapes. The grapes thus collected are placed in plastic trays and left to rest for three months in large open rooms, where an innovative ventilation system allows you to maintain a high and very capillary air flow.

GRAPES: Corvina, Rondinella, Oseleta, Croatina. The grapes destined for Amarone come exclusively from vineyards that have passed a minimum age of 10 years.

On average, it begins in the middle of December, after having carried out a further manual sorting on each bunch, in order to remove all the beans that have deteriorated during the drying months.

In steel tanks at controlled temperature (about 28 degrees), equipped with a sophisticated computerized system that allows automatic punching down for a period of about fifteen days, including the final two-day maceration.

After decanting, in mid-January, Amarone, which still has a residual sugar in it, is placed in new barriques, where it resumes a very slow fermentative activity that continues for an additional eighteen months. The total stop in barriques however lasts 36 months.

Final phase of the production process, which takes place after completing the assembly of the various barriques and the filtration of the mass thus obtained. A further refinement of 24 months in the bottle precedes the marketing of the finished product.

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