Amarone della Valpolicella DOC Black Label

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-First year of production : 2006

-Vitigno : Corvina 45%, Corvinone 40%, Rondinella 10%, Oseleta 5%

-Geographical Location : Northeast of Verona, in the hill dividing Montorio from the Valle d' Illasi.

-Extension : 27 of new spallion plant.

-Plant date : From 1960 to 2001.

-Terrain Composition : Calcareo with prevalence of ferrous red clay in the vineyards The Perlar and Palazzina, medium dough clay tufaceum in the Dragon Mount.

-Ceppi per hectare : 5/7.000.

-Diradamento : From July 30 to August 15.

-Collection : From September 3 to October 5.

-Yield per plant : 1 kg

-Climate trends

A very regular season until the winter with a season that opens regularly in May, but begins to climb only in June. After a poor year, 2008 will prove to be the year of abundance and important will be our work of branching. Development and maturation proceed smoothly thanks to the perfect climatic conditions interspersed by a few, but indispensable rains. Long and sunny Vendemmia, which is a great result!

-Vinification technique

The bunches chosen and collected in cassettes are arranged in a special ventilated room to be dried according to the famous process of withering. The grapes lose at least 35% of their original weight by concentrating so much sugars, aromatic components and noble tannins. In February the soft plating takes place and the fermentation part at low temperature (13 °-17 °) ; the long maceration allows the maximum extraction of the fruit.

The wine remains for 12 months in French roar tonneau and in larger casks (700, 1500 and 2000 liters) ; after bottling, it remains to be honed at least 8 months before it is sold.

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