Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC

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Some considerations: this wine is one of the products where the hand of man is most glimpsed. He's a son of art. The choice of vineyard, cluster, harvesting epoch and then withering with the possibilities to choose between the natural
and the technological, the rest times in plateaux... and then again the bending, with raspo or without, the cutting of the grapes, the spontaneous or guided fermentation... and then again the barrel or the big barrel, three years of refinement or six or nine... It is all these elements that give an identity or a picture sometimes very different, artistic or trivial. It's here,
therefore, the skill and seriousness, or the simple value of the man who determines the end result.

Description of the wine: intense ruby red, with large arcs given by higher alcohols. On the nose he remembers impactful the older brother "the Recioto" with
notes of withered grapes. Balsamic, offers hints of cherry, plum and small undergrowth fruits to close with spices such as pepper, mint and almond
Bitter. In the mouth it is enveloping, complex, with different notes, from fruit to
herbs, to red flowers: persistent, austere, singular.

Technical data: choice of the company's oldest vineyards and other collaborators. The
grapes that determine the Amarone are taken with the only criterion dictated by tradition where the grapes must have all the characteristics in order to sustain a
withering, that is, without the use of dehumidifiers. Then in January, they stay in steel tanks as long as they need to start
without the aid of selected yeasts or other biotechnology, excluding
potassium meta-sulphita as an inhibitor of pathogenic microorganisms. Few
reassembles and crowdings but with contact times with the wine for more than two
Months. Univen enters a few days later in barrels and oak barrels of Slavonia over
that some barrel French. From this point on only regular top-ups.
Time then slowly shapes its characteristics.

Pairing: mature cheeses, backyard meats, game, or alone at the end of the meal. It can be consumed even after several days of opening.

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